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Shineka Johnson - 03-17-2014

This person called me from 310-409-0596 stating his name was Daniel Parker from Go Hand & Johnson Law Firm. He stated that I had a case under my name and that the paperwork would be sent down to my county for me to be picked up at my place of employment and my residence. He wanted to know the name of my attorney and could if I would have my attorney contact their office. However, I gave my attorney the number to have them contact their office and they wouldn't answer I went to my attorney office and called from my cell phone and they answered and lied and said they had spoke to my attorney and that they are gonna send down the paperwork to have me arrested. It was too funny he told my lawyer that he needs to go back to the country he came from. Some kind of law firm. Not professional I knew it was a scammer then.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Daniel Parker
Company: Go Hand Johnson Law Firm
Number: 310-409-0596


Clare - 03-12-2014

Caller called me at work, because I wouldn't answer my cell phone to tell me there are criminal charges filed against me. He was not from the United States. He threatened my job if I refused to speak with him. He said he was calling from a law firm in Beverly Hills. He refused to give me a mailing address, so I could follow up with a formal complaint. He spoke extremely fast and kept on threatening me that if I did not speak with him, he would get me fired.

The telephone number he called from is 310 409 0596. No American company I know of would make such harassing statements as it is against the law. I am getting phone calls from all over the world, 888 #'s 333#'s unknown numbers and numbers from area's I know no one. I have reported this instance to my employer, will be following up with my consumer credit, too make sure my identity has not been taken, etc...

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Daniel
Company: Cohen Johnson
Number: 310-409-0596


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