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Angry Mother - 02-01-2011

Caller pretended to be police and threatened to have us arrested for check fraud if we did not call back and reference court docket number given by caller. They said they had our Social Security number and needed our banking information to pay them to not procecute family members for fraud and accessory to fraud. When we called back it was not the police but, instead William Scott & Associates. We aske where the company was located and they would not disclose. We asked the nature of their business, and they said, "we help people". These people are scammers, criminals, and liars. Do not engage them or give them any information. They will call all your friends and relatives and threaten them as well. The real police should shut them down. They are financial terrorists.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: William Scott Associatets
Number: 312-239-0201


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