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Andy - 10-28-2013

I was online checking email; recvd a call on landline. ask for me by name & said that they were calling about computer problems -- I had made reports of a virus on my computer last week-- thought this was 'follow-up'.

they asked me to go online, to
which is website of "Windows Solutions" .

I don't remember much, they led me thru some keystrokes and mouse clicks to the computer's event logs and showed me all these error messages, etc. and said it proved I had a virus. Said they needed to see my computer.

All this had happened fast, and I've had customer support take remote control of my computer before, so I went ahead (yes, I'm an idiot) and installed some piece of software and they took control of my computer.

I don't remember what/how, but I did catch the name "AmmyyAdmin_10B0" and the software "AA_v3.exe"

Fairly quickly after this they told me that they would sell me software which would fix all my problems for $150. On my screen he created a document in which he typed out all the things the software would do-- remove viruses, malware, etc. and gave their phone number as 315 - 633 - 4441.

It was at this point that I realized it was a scam, and I said no, and asked them to disconnect from my computer. Somewhere along here a different person got on the phone with me, refused to disconnect, and said that by installing their software I had clicked "accept" and that they now had control of my computer for three years, so I need to pay.

I said this was all a scam, just disconnect from my computer! at this point the guy started getting belligerent, saying stuff like "I have control of your computer", and on my computer he started randomly opening various programs, personal photos, etc. I pulled the plug on my WiFi. The guy on the phone said that I turned off my computer, but that it was too late.... they had access and "I would not be spared."

once he hung up I started to try to fix my computer (now off-line). Run a security scan, try to search out the software they installed.

as I searched my directories, I realized that massive amounts of my software --programs and files-- were vanishing. I had no idea whether it was just being deleted, or the hard-drive was being systematically "wiped" so I took the laptop to a repair shop, don't yet know the results. At the very least this is costing me for repairs.

Company: windows solutions
Number: 315-633-4441


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