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IMALRYT - 08-26-2014

I received a call this morning (08/26/2014) from a young man wanting to discuss my Ebony subscription. I listened carefully because I knew I had let my Ebony subscription expire a few years ago. He recited my name and address and mentioned that he would like to still provide me with the same $19.99 per year subscription that I had been having for the past few years. I allowed him to talk. Then he said he wanted to confirm my bank account information in order to continue the subscription and that he would give me time to retrieve my checkbook. So, I said - okay. Please recite my banking account information. He then said, "Oh, I don't have it - I need for you to provide it TO me." I then told him that I was uncomfortable doing that and asked him if he could send me an invoice. He then told me that they don't invoice. I then asked him if he could send me an electronic invoice via e-mail. That is when he hung up on me. BEWARE OF THE SCAM!

Caller type: Other
Number: 323-144-1605


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