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Central Office: LSAN DA 14, CA - PAC - WEST TELECOMM, INC. [?]

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Marcus - 12-08-2014

Was trying to order meds and company says credit card would not "process" which is BS as CC company said no attempt was made to use the card. Then they wanted SSN and Birth date and I gave them false info as every idiot knows you don't need a SSN to pay for something with a credit card, and they keep calling back saying it won't "process" etc. To see how far the bullshit goes, read the testimonials, copy and paste one of them into a google search and you will get same "testimonial" from multiple scamming websites going back years. 100%BS.
Trace to gets CHINA owner.
The phone number 323-372-3003 gets parsed as +32 3 372 30 03 to make it look like its foreign. Just more BS.
Also associated with this number is 561-819-8662 parsed as +56 (181) 986 62 to make you think its coming from india when its not, its just a masked internet phone number.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: multiplemalefemale
Company: RX ONLINE rxonlinetv and rxonlinetvlivecom
Number: 323-372-3003


anonymous - 02-10-2014

Do not buy anything from this person. They are fraudulent, deceitful and an outright liar. I was trying to get help with pain and had valid information and they kept responding back with order not in stock the day after they told me it was in stock.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: James Martin 909-258-4008
Company: BuyRx007
Number: 323-372-3003


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