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Don - 01-03-2020

Jennifer is a whore. She eats cum for a living. Her mother is Teva Clegg another junkie slut from.akron who gave her up to live in foster homes get raped and become a junkie cum slut just like her mom. Even worse Teva Clegg shares her boyfriend cock with her own daughter!! His name is William Watkins of 386 Stanton Ave. Akron Ohio. Bill let's Jen turn tricks while being wanted by police. She can barely walk or move because of the drugs she shoots up. Steve Berry the cock sucking sheriff pussy of summit county could.walk to her house but ignores his job. Nobody cares about a junkie cock sucker until they are dead it seems. If this whore don't die first her legs will be amputated from the amount of heroin she shoots into them it's absolutely disgusting!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Jennifer Criss
Number: 330-481-3835


john - 12-06-2019

Her real ne is Jennifer Rebecca Criss. Sje is a con artist hooker who has AIDS amd is advertising on as a hooker in Akron. She is a wanted fugative who sets up dates to rob them. She carries a loaded 9mm. Be careful. If you have had sex get tested asap.

She lives at 386 Stanton Ave in Akron she lives with an old trick William Watkins.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Jennifer Rebecca Criss
Number: 330-481-3835


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