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haha - 06-23-2013

This is a scam!!!!! Report to attorney general/mayor/internet and cyper crimes/spoof fraud/fraud/PayPal eBay frauds/ craigslist fraud

I received text from this number. The person said they live in Chicago Illinois ,he wanted to purchase my computer from craigslist. I clearly only accept payment of cash, he wanted my name and email for my PayPal, then directed me to (a fake ;spoof) PayPal page to create an account for him to deposit money. I live in Philadelphia, mind you.
This is a newer form of scam going on from craigslist. Two things happen with one result.
A- you create a new PayPal account, thinking he is depositing money.
REALITY is, the page is a spoof, a fake page. Once you enter your bank account numbers, they have access to your funds! To top it off, he will send another spoof (fake) receipt , so it looks like money has been deposited. In your PayPal account, really it hasnt. You ship item. You are out item AND money from bank account, possibly with overages because you didn't know.

B. You log into your existing account. He pretends to pay with above said technique, spoof receipt. You ship item. Then you realize the money is not there and PayPal Cannot protect you, since there was no legit/real sale through them. You are out your item.

Another option that has occurred. The person really does pay you. You send item, all seems fine until the person receiving (scammer) files a dispute. They claim they have received anything other than what was intended, PayPal instructs the scammer to send item back for full refund. They send back, they get their money back. But here's the catch. They keep YOUR item, and send back anything with the same weight example rocks, broken pieces
anything to match near weight. (The weight doesn't have to be exact, I've seen many times that the scammer weight has been off as far as 15lbs and PayPal cannot prove food either side and automatically awards the scammer since he is the "buyer"
Now he has his money back, and your item. (Usually electronics or pricey items) this has been many times the case on eBay as well. I have been a victim of eBay. The scammer sent me rocks, I lost my $940 item, plus had to refund money. I even sent pics, dates, messages, timestamps, weights (was off by 12 lbs) they still award to the buyer ALWAYS.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: nigeria based scam
Number: 330-879-8292


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