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Julia - 04-03-2012

I got 3 calls within 4 hours from 347-435-1808 at my work! The 1sttime he left a message with my co-worker to return their call ASAP ext#143, Mike. So I called 'Mike' back, 1st off, I could barely understand what he was saying due to his heavy Indian accent but the gist was, he's calling from Dept. Of Justice & I'm being investigated for check fraud or something which he says is a Federal Offense. I asked, with surprise, "so you're asking me for money?, how much money are you asking of me?" to which 'Mike' got very agitated & acted offended, saying "I'm an agent with Dept Of Justice & you're trying to bribe me with money?" LOL - SERIOUSLY - then he said "You must pay us $5000.00 u.s. dollars within the next 20 minutes or you will be prosecuted at criminal court", then he hung up, wtf??? I was worried for a bit until I googled the # from caller i.d. & saw it was a scam so when another guy called whithin 1 hour of the original conversation I told him to stop harrasing me at work or I will report them to the police, the other guy freaked out & started yelling "I am the Fu**ing police" and Fu**ing this & that so I hung up. Thank god my work records every call. If these bastards call me again I will be going to the police station & filing a report. These calls took time out of my work & threatened me with incarciration....this is wrong on so many levels!!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Mike
Company: Dept Of Justice
Number: 347-435-1808


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