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James - 03-19-2014

These people are crazy i need a payday loan and they want u to get a green dot card with however much they say to put on it that's bs u n need money an they want u to give them money lol they need to be stopped. 347 8273562 that's the # they bin calling from

Caller type: Other
Company: Quick Cash


john - 02-15-2014

Asked me to purchase 2 Green Dot cards and load 180.00 on each. I was trying to get a payday loan.

I did not have the money to loose. I just called my police department and on Monday I'm going to try to get help from my local tv station to try and get my money back.

How low can they go. Totally disgraceful.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Alex Sam


Mandy - 01-25-2014

harrassing my 14 yr old daughter

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Quick cash loans


Have Had It - 01-21-2014

These clowns continue to call - asking for personal info. This guy needs to be arrested.

Caller type: Scammer


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