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nana - 07-01-2015

This was a recording saying they were from the IRS, that I was about to be sued and that I needed to call 360-200-6831 immediately. My husband called them and went along with the whole process. They said he owed over $5792 and asked if he had the money available. When he said yes, they told him he needed to go to the bank and withdraw the money. They wanted to hold on the phone and tell them when he was in the parking lot. Then they told him to go in to get the money. Once he told them he had the money they transferred him to someone else who told him he would need to deposit the money in a Bank of America near him. Then they told him since a suit had already been filed against him they were not authorized to give him confidential bank information so instead he would need to go to the nearest Walmart and get a moneygram. He was told to let them know when he gets to the Walmart parking lot. He was also given the number 202-280-7169 ask for Ms Peterson if they got disconnected. When my husband questioned where the money was going he was told it was going to the attorney general office that was handling his suit. He kept the line open and told them he was at the Walmart. I only need to pay $5000. The $792 is a late charge.

Money Gram section at Walmart

Mohit Sharma
Buffalo, NY

Person to person

He had to get a receipt and reference code so he could go no further.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: IRS
Number: 360-200-6831


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