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VSM - 08-22-2013

Have been receiving calls from this company for several weeks off and on. The number 360-597-3428 with the name Construction Pi on the caller ID. Every time she calls she asks for the President of our company by name. We are a construction company but we only do government work that we bid for. We do not do work for random companies that call us with “ great job opportunities” . Also, I have to screen all callers who call for anyone here and they do not get through until I get all the info needed and the call is approved. Anyways – She calls almost every day and she has a young , soft voice. I asked he who she is and today I got Sam. I asked what she was calling about and she hung up. So I called her back and the phone answered and I heard it fumbling. I said hello? And she “ Sam” the same girl that just called me asked back hello. I told her to stop calling here and that she would never get through to my boss so it’s pointless to call. But I believe she had already hung up. I looked the # up online and found this:
Sep 17, 2012 - Company Information. Location: 10600 NE 101ST STREET VANCOUVER, WA 98662. Main Phone: (360) 597-3428. FAX: (360) 597-4820.

I called back from our blocked line and got a voice mail and the voicemail message said Hi this Jamie. What! It was in Sam’s voice!!! So I left a message letting them know not to call us anymore.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: SamJamie
Company: Construction PiMarions Trans
Number: 360-597-3428


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