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stevejum - 01-27-2011

The people are illegally spoofing the phone system to tell you they are calling from 405-293-8500.

The company doing this is "29Prime" ( Their real phone number is 949-777-6616, and they are located in Orange County. When they call with their Robot, it says they are Google's 411 service calling to help you with your website. In reality they are selling fake SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.

When they call, if you hang on and get attached to an attendant, they will try to sell you. Tell her you can't hear her and offer to call her back. Then she'll give you the company's real phone number to call her on (949-777-6616 or their toll free 888-416-0273). They have ads on Craigslist trying to hire phone operators to cheat people.

If you want to shut them down, report them to the FCC and they'll be fined $10,000 for each call they make ... since telemarketing call are against the law in the US. Just go to
and file a complaint. It won't take you but 5 minutes, and it'll cost them $10,000, LOL

Jason Martin, lead technologist at 29Prime, is a member of the "San Diego Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group" ( If you don't like the business practices of the members of this group, after you file a complaint with the FCC (above), visit their website to let them know you won't be using SEO services from their members. Maybe they'll do something about members who use illegal tactics?

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Prime29com
Number: 405-293-8500


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