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Ariesdancer - 09-26-2014

This time the scammer said he was from the NRA and wanted a contribution for conservative candidates for the NRA. I knew this number already and have had runs in with people usually that speak in an Indian tone from India descent is my guess, all from this number previously.. I was quite surprised this time when this ruse was used for political contributions. They wanted my credit card number and spelling of my name etc. but did confirm my address so that they knew already. They did have my first name already also. I asked them to send me the confirmation by mail for my donation to the cause of the NRA but tried to pressure me into post dating a debit card donation that could be dated at a later date for their crunch time donations.. I told them no I do not give my CC# over the phone, again and again he tried to pressure me. I hung up on them.. This man's English was perfect so they have upgraded caller for their scams.. Beware. PREVIOSLY they were calling from Microsoft supposedly about my computer problems etc.. beware of this number.

Caller type: Politician
Caller: Mark I beleive
Company: NRA contributions
Number: 406-812-3155


Honest Citizen - 08-28-2014

Call from some scumbag in India trying to tell me he was calling from Microsoft about problems with my computer. When I told him he should not be trying to steal honest people's credit card and other information by telling them lies to convince them to allow him to remote into their computer. He got really mad and called me a w***e among other things. Don't answer the phone if these guys call.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 406-812-3155


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