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Peter - 10-09-2017

Complain against Charles Vincent Électrique inc. Mon electricien. 514-567-1911 , 450-689-9949 , 450-689-6753 , 450-689-0718 , RBQ. 8829-5006-48 , 790 Ch du Bord de L’Eau, Laval Qc. H7X 1W5 . Very Bad experience with them. Job not complete, they quit with my stock, lazy employees speaking about the wife of the Boss, cars and bars for hours. Many errors! The electrician said that some of his hours are not paid even if he works hard, I understand why. Do not erase this notice or we will triple. RBQ case open. If a client needs to give them $400, they will go in court with that, but you are not important for them, just your wallet.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 450-689-9949


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