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Central Office: READING, PA - SPRINT SPECTRUM L.P. [?]

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Amazed - 11-19-2011

BEWARE! A friend of mine went on Click & Chat and this "CREEPER" named Nick started texting my friend. They were supposed to meet & he stood her up. In the meantime, his friend Matt wanted to meet me, her friend, so she sent him my pic and he sent his. So, we started texting. Well, when it came down to meeting, he stood me up! Thank god, I did not give out any major information, cause I came on here & now I feel like I have been violated. This is a really scary thing. To think that these people are out there scamming people like this. Makes me wonder how many people's identities have been stolen already! PLEASE DO NOT TEXT OR CALL OR HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH THIS PERSON! I am persuing this farther, I would like to think I can stop these people & save more people from being violated!!!!

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Matt Spect
Number: 484-797-5136


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