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Central Office: SANTA FE, NM - SPRINT SPECTRUM L.P.- NM [?]

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Hal - 08-05-2014

Another DNC list scofflaw. For us, it appears they are using domain name records from the WHOIS database to find companies to call. They called our home number because that is what is on the WHOIS record. The "business" they thought they were calling doesn't exist. While the lady I was connected to spoke perfect English and the phone call quality sounded like it could have been a local call, I suspect this is at worst another scam of some kind. Maybe you provide information for a cheap loan and they they sell that information. I don't know but no way should you trust them.

The call is 100% illegal because they play a recorded message to start with. You can report them even if you are NOT on the Do Not Call list when they do this. File a short report at 1-888-382-1222 and it will help to get them shut down.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Business loans
Number: 505-913-2018


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