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Central Office: LAMPASAS, TX - ASAP PAGING - TEXAS [?]

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Rambo - 10-06-2014

Let me explain the Story of this so called "AGENT" "INVESTIGATOR". She is a Debt Collector trying to use scare tactics to have people think she has some kind of legal power. First of all the fact is she calls from a Texas number yet she calls People in different States. Only Law Enforcement has the Power to file criminal charges not "PERKINS". She calls my number every few months for the last two years and threatens to have me prosecuted just like before. She has NO POWER to have You arrested or Charges filed Criminal. Only the District Attorney in that County or the Federal Government has this power. Think about it. Why would a person in Texas have Jurisdiction in another State? She says she has a bad Check or a Debt and is going to file Charges. The States all have Statute of Limitations on all cases except some Capital Crimes. "PERKINS" buys old written/outdated bad checks/debts and tries "GORILLA TACTICS" to scare You. She is in Texas yet she claims power in other States? Don't let her scare You.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 512-298-0826


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