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sweetness - 10-15-2014

this woman started calling me last Friday saying that I had until 1pm on that day to either pay 808.50 or they will issue a warrant for my arrest and suspend my license. she has said that they have a video of me walking into a payday loan business on june 1st 2008...anybody who has even gotten a payday loan knows that these businesses are not open on sundays and that's the day june 1st 2008 falls on. now at the time they are saying I did this was when I was living in a completely different state and I was pregnant and dealing with an abusive husband and apartment fire. I let the woman know all of this and told her that they will not be pursuing any actions against me until I talk to the prosecuting attorney handling the case and I explain everything to whom that may be so they can look things up and see that I was no where near the state these charges are alleged to be from. she then told me that she will call me back on Monday at 2pm..well that date and time came and went. not heard anything back at all. well today I had a friend of mine call the number and it went to voicemail and the name on the voicemail is Lisa Clark. it doesn't say department of investigations or office of anything, just the name Lisa Clark. my friend waited and then called back and was able to get through and asked for laura stephens. my friend was told that she wasn't in due to court this morning. shortly after, my friend received a call from laura stephens, saying that I had left her a message to contact me back on this number..this is very funny to me because I never left a message for anyone to call me. I am waiting to see if I get another call from this woman and if I do, I will be giving her a piece of my mind and also the name and number to my attorney. see if I get another call again.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: laura stephens or stevens
Company: Department of investigations
Number: 512-827-3460


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