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Amie - 06-28-2014

Caller informed me I could recive 6% interest rate for life on my card, then went all around my card asking for different numbers, when I stated I was not giving my numbers, he insisted he already had all of my information and needed to verify my identity. I hung up. He called back. I hung up again. Phone rang again, and a woman was on the phone, trying to make a case-we hung up on her, she called back twice when my daughter picked up the phone; she demanded to know why i kept hanging up on her, and when we told her to NOT call back, she called me a "Dirty Bas#ard" I said EXCUSE ME!? "Dirty fuc#ing bi#ch" was the next words from her mouth.
WHO are these scammers!?

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Not able to understand
Company: Master Card
Number: 525-625-9581


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