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Optional - 01-13-2014

Got call from this number... no message, no person, no identification of company or purpose. Caller ID shows SECURITY. I am on DoNotCall list.

Called back got automated message "press any key to get removed from list". What the F**C I already am on the DoNotCall list. No name of company provided, no place to leave message, no contact number for complaints.

FTC recommends not to press "any buttons to be removed" for two reasons: 1)they know there is a live person answering and 2)you will end-up getting calls from another number because in the end, they are not checking the FTC DoNotCall register.

I have seen multiple complaints about this number. You should report on FTC.GOV. The more the merrier. Get these companies FINED and licenses REMOVED.

Country: USA
Location: Virginia (Blacksburg, Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg)

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: No messagesilent
Company: SECURITY caller id
Number: 540-218-2618


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