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RetiredRN - 02-20-2014

Indian guy calling to say he heard I had surgery recently....when actually I had stroke...when I asked how do you know...he hung up

Caller type: Scammer


Bergeron - 02-18-2014

The only message was a woman with a foreign accent

asking very loudly, "...spek to ms. coopah (cooper)" I wrote phoneticaly. And the person deliberately waited several long seconds for me to answer. I've had Jamaican calls before and I think they're starting up again.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: did not reveal


Munsta - 02-17-2014

Dirty filthy INDIAN!!!!!

Caller type: Scammer


Gail - 02-13-2014

Annoyingly calls once a week. No message left. I do not pick up.


Mary - 02-12-2014

Told me I am entitled to compensation from my bladder sling surgery. I said I never had that surgery. Then the phone call became obscene and I hung up, very creeped out.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Brian or Kevin Martin
Company: Medical Services


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