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Central Office: AKRON, NY - VERIZON NEW YORK, INC. [?]

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Sicko - 09-05-2012

Called but did not have the courage or decency to leave a message


Much Annoyed - 08-31-2012

Engage them. Keep them on the line.
Tell them you are very interested in what they are offering
Make up false information to give them:
Name/Address.Telephone Number/Anything else they ask.
This approach drives them crazy as they cannot go on to someone else.
If enough people do this, they might get the message and go way


William Loomis - 08-08-2012

Called the house and hung up, called them back did not answer.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Did not provide any information
Company: Did not provide name of any kind


Betsy - 08-06-2012

This number calls my house several times a day and hangs up.

Caller type: Other


Debbie Croyle - 08-04-2012

This number keeps calling when I am not home and not leaving a message, just hanging up. I do not know the phone number.

Caller type: Other


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