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alain - 11-15-2020

SCAMMER , 647-875-3910 , 647-354-2063 This sick COVID-19 positive-sexual pedophile loves to rape & eat the rear ends of 5 year old little church boys. his fake company is Terabyte Computer Services L1X 0A3
Further more this guy sexual abuses his own daughter and posted and sold pictures of her on the internet. This ugly man can not get a proper job so he cons his customers by selling them free downloadable software from The Pirate bay, by first using a Torrent . Come summertime his search and thirst for little 5 year old German boys is a full time job, as for his part time job he transitions into transsexual MIME in the evenings for the JUST FOR LAUGHS comedy festival in MONTREAL. Oh by the way, here’s a clip from a Montreal Newspaper article . PLEASE READ-!!!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Terabyte Computer Services L1X 0A3
Company: Terabyte Computer Services L1X 0A3
Number: 647-875-3910


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