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Dora - 01-03-2021

, 647-957-1122 scammer from toronto , pirated software seller use other number and have many fake profil on market place . covid-19 POSITIVE Warning !! fraudsters , major scammer on facebook MarketPlace and kijiji from Toronto, they use several pseudonyms ,, Ray Prince, Brianna Ebanks, Denise Vagena, Rich West
,they use several cell numbers, 647-354-2063, 289-624-9928 +++ 289-624-7674 / ++ 289 -644-6470 +++ 705-400-9484 they are searched by the police, I was scammed for 500$ counterfeit and pirated software.

647-354-2063, beware, the same fraudsters based in Toronto use several false profiles on facebook at MarketPlace and on kijiji, Ray Prince, Brianna Ebanks, Denise Vagena they have several numbers ..-- 647-354-2063- --289- 624-9928 --289-624-7674 / - 289 -644-6470 --705-400-9484. Their goals is to scam the maximum number of people, please share, they will make less victims if their profiles or their numbers will be known by all, I fell into their traps, we must protect the weak people especially in this period

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 647-957-1122


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