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vectrexer - 01-30-2014

Robocall company called my number that has been on the national Do Not Call list, and renewed every year, for over the past 8 years. Robocall called without Calling Party Name Display (CPND). Robocall called with Automatic Number Identification (ANI) of 760-456-4450, and an identified area of Encinitas, CA. Robocall device did not respond to voice in less than 2 Seconds. Announcement did not identify the calling company, or the purpose. Announcement did state the call was not a sales call. At the end of several lengthy announcement the option to be placed on their don not call (DNC) list was offered. After punching though to the agent it was revealed the call was actually a sales. Agent Name "Darren". Calling Company is Security Solutions. Security Solutions is selling alarm hardware as a partner of Twogig ( Security Solutions is selling alarm hardware as a partner of Monitronics ( Required startup costs were stated as $39.99. Date of the Call 2014-01-30. Time of the call 17:01 PST (GMT -8 hours). Reporting all three companies to the FTC and FCC as an unauthorized commercial telemarketing robocall from a company I have no current or past dealings.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Darren
Company: security solutions
Number: 760-456-4450


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