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Michelle - 12-11-2014

They have been calling me for two days. You can file a complaint on the number :
Everyone go file a complaint through this number.

This number called me and when I answered its " dead air" So I called back and they said I applied for a loan. I said " No, I did not apply for any loan" I informed the Pakistani man that I am on the do not call registry list and that they have called over 3 times which is phone harassment in America. The man laughed at me. I said its against the law to do. He told me he would take me to court for not taking his call and talking about a loan that I applied for and he said I have your information right here. I said well go on ahead, because I will win because what you are doing is against the law. You have your auto dialer calling people and then its dead air. Then the people call back because there is a number on their phone that they do not know who it is. I said its sneaky you are probably the ones that have those spam links on facebook that say free gift card click offer and it's yall that are doing that to try to get people's information. I said that's very sad. He said no we are not scammers we are a company to offer a loan that you applied for. I said well go ahead take me to court and you will see I did not apply for anything at all. He said well I will take you off the call list then. But he didn't they called back again an hour later.
Please if you want them to stop calling file a complaint through the link above and or block their number through your phone provider if they offer it.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Money Loans
Number: 850-391-5331


callie girl - 09-24-2014

I don't answer if I don't know them. They call at least 10 times each morning and never leave a message

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 850-391-5331


PJ - 09-18-2014

Speaks Spanish about 30 seconds very annoying call at anytime this is a cell line

Caller type: Other
Number: 850-391-5331


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