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Darien Long - 07-24-2012

Bottom Feeder Collection Agency that will not provide written proof of a past debt. Will tell you you owe $1250.00 and that they have tried to serve you a court summons. Will even have someone call saying that they want to serve you at work. Do not fall prey to this. I gave them my debit card number even though I felt I had taken care of this debt (stupid...have since reported the card lost and am out $300.00). Something felt fishy when Brenda called me 2 days prior to my next payment being due to say we had not spoken in over a month. I then started trying to find this company on the internet with no luck other than complaints from other people that went through similar situations. That is why I reported my card lost. By the way, the number keeps changing that they leave for you AND when they call it is an UNAVAILABLE #. I have gotten no written validation of what I owe. Do not let these people scare you...even the so called process servers. Ask for your day in court!!!!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Brenda Jones
Company: Capital Solutions
Number: 855-201-2602


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