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too young for that buddy - 12-17-2015

guy called asking for me to verify some quick information. asked for my social, i said uhh not likely. said i was being sued. i said thats fine, but usually when one sues someone they send them papers, i'll wait for my papers. He got real upset and said fine its not my problem, you're the one going to jail. I said ok. i hung up and about 30 secs later got a call from a restricted number and was almost tempted to pick up just to hear some more lies and vomit spew from this guys mouth.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Don
Company: something something legal
Number: 855-203-6364


Kris - 12-16-2015

This number keeps calling my work asking for who knows! And I called them to tell them they keep calling the wrong number and the guy was so rude! He was then trying to threaten me! RUDE!!!! Do not get scared by this scam ! If someone has charges against you the last thing they would do is call you!!!

Caller type: Other
Number: 855-203-6364


Punky - 12-10-2015

Called to tell me i had 3 charges being files against me for check fraud. Wanted to verify personal information. Said they worked for USB processing center. When i refused to provide or verify personal information they got rude and defensive and told me i can wait for the sherrif to serve papers. Earlier in the conversation they stated they couldn't because they had to verify address. I was part of a group of people whos information was compromised through a cash advance company years ago. Had similar attributes to this very call.

Caller: Ron Dalman
Company: USB
Number: 855-203-6364


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