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Annoyed - 11-03-2014

These people are a joke and scammers! They try to scare you into paying something you don't owe by calling your family members, which they easily get their information by using public record websites like intelius. They will try to harass you and say things like they're going to file a suit against you in your home county and blah blah. It is illegal for them to discuss your info with anyone else especially leave stuff like that on an answering machine. A rude women also answers the phone after you hit zero for customer service. So I suggest reporting them to the FTC and BBB. They are Hartford Regional Group and their lame website is also a joke something you can make on for a $1 a month .

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: rude lady
Company: Hartford Regional Group
Number: 855-213-4338


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