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Shirley - 12-06-2012

No name given They were a collection agency looking for someone else and If I was not that person to call this # to stop the calls. When I did there was no answer and I was told their voice mail box was full. they also left this other # for the person the call was intended for to call 800-257-0731 along with and account # they were to give. I happen to know the person they were suppose to be trying to reach and he called them. He has no debt except mortgage and auto the party he reached was somewhere in Japan!! Smells of scammer all over it!!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Lazy Dog Partners
Number: 855-220-2822


Imagetn pisdoff - 10-26-2012

There is NOBODY HERE BY THAT NAME! Never was.. never will be.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: carlos ramirez
Number: 855-220-2822


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