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A - 09-19-2014

This is a scam! I got someone from PSE&G call me from 18004367734 saying they are shutting off my electricity in half an hour and told me to call 8552217306 to resolve it. Then the guy asked me to go to CVS or Rite Aid to buy $1000 worth of green dot or money pak to give to them. I'm not an idiot. They kept calling me back from 18006424272 as well. Beware. Don't believe all the fake comments about these scammers being legit. We have rights, they need to give you at least 10 days written notice. And they won't shut off your electricity from Friday to Sunday and Holidays.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Kevin
Company: PSEG
Number: 855-221-7306


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