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rob - 11-26-2014

Called this number back on my wife's phone. Total phishing scam, they're trying to get the final pieces of information needed to complete an identity theft. Spoke to a "Tony Smart" . They claim to be in Buffalo, NY (since their snowfall was all over the media) and had threatened my wife with two felonies for check fraud. Well trained, they wouldn't disclose actual location or give a mailing address, nor would they accept my fake offer of sending a money order (because it can be traced). I made sure to call him "b***h" multiple times to get a rise out of him to see if he'd slip some information about them, but although I pissed him off, he didn't slip up enough for me to obtain anything else useful. Hopefully if I've annoyed them enough they'll take my wife's number off their list of potential victims. DO NOT BE NICE TO THESE PEOPLE! THEY ARE THEIVES AND DESERVE TO BE BERATED AND BULLIED INTO LEAVING YOU ALONE! THIEVES AND SCAMMERS! What they deserve is what I offered as a counter proposal: I told him I had the cash, and if they'd like to send one of their lawyers to my house, if the lawyer could beat my a*s on my front lawn I'd let him have the money, otherwise I'll get my satisfaction out of beating him down on my front lawn so they'll leave my wife alone. Maybe that will be enough to get them to stop with the phishing.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Leann Brooks
Company: Alternative Dispute Resolution
Number: 855-222-3076


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