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Watson - 04-22-2014

Got a call from this number at my office. Guy left a very threatening message stating he was from a law firm and that a claim had been filed against me and they need to verify my employment & home addresses to "serve me with papers." Left me a claim # and the phone number 855-226-7390 to call back. First, HUGE LOLZ on this. My brother is a process server, and they NEVER, ever, under ANY circumstances, call you to verify an address or give you a "heads up" before they serve you. That's the whole point of process serving - surprise. So, this is ridiculous. Second, I don't owe any debts to anyone and haven't in years. Total scam. I called them back and the recording answers as "Union Group." This is a scam collector who buys ancient debts (most likely already paid off) and threatens you to pay, posing as a law firm (highly illegal). They expect that most consumers won't know their rights. I guess they'll be surprised when the FTC & Attorney General (both of whom I have filed complaints with) contact them. :)

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: union group
Number: 855-226-7390


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