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somabear - 03-20-2014

Received a call from 855-230-2486 on cell. Caller id showed "RESTRICTED" so, I didn't answer. They left a voice mail claiming to be Michelle Grand or Grant from the state of texas legal department on behalf of Potter, Scott and Associates & they were looking for my ex brother in law concerning the 3 complaints filed naming him as the defendant. They provided a case number and a phone number to call them back, which I did. I was directed to a Mr. Robert Ross, phone number 214-666-5182, who informed me that I was listed as a co-payer/co-signer for an online loan dated June 14, 2012, made in my ex brother in law's name. He actually had my DOB and my Social Security number! I live in Wyoming, not in Texas and I have been divorced for 5 years. This Robert Ross told me I could pay a 'victim restitution fee' of $236.00 to remove my name from the loan and give me legal absolution from this debt. Yeah right, jack- wagon, I'm not falling for it! I am not legally responsible for this so-called debt, nor do I believe there is such a debt with my name associated to it!! He was absolutely shocked when I informed him that I was filing complaints with the FBI, Wyoming Attorney General, Texas Attorney General, and the Better Business Bureau. SCAM using numbers 855-230-2486 AND 214-666-5182 ALSO USING THE NAME "POTTER, SCOTT AND ASSOCIATES".

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Michelle GrandGrant Robert Ross
Company: Potter Scott and Associates
Number: 855-230-2486


Aundra - 12-27-2013

I have received three calls from this number; the first call identified herself as Mrs. Mitchel from Potter and Associates, (the caller id showed UNKNOWN. She then called a relative and left a message and then called my ex-husband and left a message. I don't respond to UNKNOWN numbers. The next time I received a call the message stated it was from Legal and support services someone was being dispatched to my residence with court papers between 3 and 5Pm (no one showed up). The third message left was from Mrs. Mitchel regarding a court case filed against me, and someone was being dispatched to my residence with papers I need to sign The exact same message left on the second message left.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Mrs Mitchell
Company: Potter and Associates
Number: 855-230-2486


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