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Scam sniffer - 06-25-2015

Absolute total SCAM. They alternately use the names GM & Associates, Goldstein Associates, Goldstein & Associates.....No matter what name variation they are using this week, it's still the same SCAM. Typical scare tactics: Initial call/message (Usually from an unknown number) says that there are pending charges, litigation being filed, all sorts of scary legalese & financial mumbo-jumbo that must be responded to within 48 hours or else. Once you take the bait & call them back at 855-235-3436, then they really turn up the heat, trying to convince you that money is owed on a phantom loan or mystery debt from several years back, & if you don't resolve it immediately, then they will file charges against you. It's easy to see how consumers still fall for these scams: Once they start hitting you with all the court jargon & legal BS, & mix it in with bits & pieces of personal info, most people are frightened into paying up no questions asked. Of course, once you start asking too many questions of them, then the tables are turned & they are ready to cut the call short.....Don't fall for it!!! Get as much info from them as you can, then report them to local authorities. I feel bad for all the hundreds of real companies & firms named "Goldstein", because these jokers are going to ruin all their reputations.....Damn shame.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: John Blake William Richardson Ms Banks
Company: Goldstein Associates
Number: 855-235-3436


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