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TeleDirect Scam Stopper - 11-04-2015

855-235-5977 / 8552355977 / TeleDirect / / 800-776-1081

++ SCAM ALERT ++ Calling People Claiming to be Sprint ++

Received call today from 855-235-5977 - Caller said she was calling from Sprint Business Solutions, then proceeded to ask who my wireless carrier is. I stopped her and asked her name, the name of the company she works for, and how they got my number, as it clearly isn't Sprint. She first tried to say she works for Sprint (wrong, she doesn't), and that my number was given to them by a company I do business with (more BS). After more digging she said the number was given to them from Centennial Fund and gave me their contact number 512-505-4500 (the recording at this number says the Austin office of Centennial Ventures is no longer in business and to call 303-405-7500) When you call 303-405-7500 the recording here says Complete Financial Ops, Inc. When you call 855-235-5977 back (the number the caller called from) you get sent to voicemail instead of a person answering.

The caller actually works for TeleDirect (
TeleDirect Communications - 800-776-1081
4745 Chippendale Dr.
Sacramento, CA

The company they said who is feeding them contacts is Centennial Ventures
( aka Complete Financial Ops, Inc.
10901 West Toller Drive
Suite 206
Littleton, CO 80127
Phone: (303) 405-7500

!! Legit companies answer their phones, don't solicit numbers on the Do Not Call List, and don't send callers through a bunch of scam companies and phone numbers of who gave/sold them the numbers they're soliciting!
==> If you receive a call from this number claiming to be Sprint, contact the Sprint Fraud Department at:

Sprint Fraud Management
Attn: Fraud/Scams claiming to be Sprint
6360 Sprint Parkway
Overland Park, KS 66251
Main (800) 259-3755
Fraud Dept (888) 788-0788
Executive Offices (855) 848-3280

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: TeleDirect
Company: TeleDirect
Number: 855-235-5977


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