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Alex - 09-07-2011

Some guy called and left a message on the answering machine, did not give his name, the company he works for or who they represent. He said that they have been trying to reach me to serve me with papers to take me to court on what he said were "multiple charges", but again did not say what those charges ARE. He said he will continue to call, and show up at my home and work until they find me, but in the mean time I should consider myself "served', whatever that means since there is no information on who the company is, what charges I am supposedly facing, a date/ time/ location for court, etc. I do not know who this company is or what these charges are and I would appreciate ANY information anyone else has about this.

When I searched this number I saw where someone on another site said they are a collection agency called Alliance, but no other information. When I searched Alliance Collection Agency a company called Alliance One came up, and their website said they are a collection agency for the government and courts system. I do not owe the courts any money and as far as I know I do not owe the government any money either, and for one thing when he left the message the guy used my maiden name, and since I have been married for several years the government (IRS, pell grant, etc.) all have my married name, so this really doesn't make any sense.

I just want to know what is going on and who is calling, so anyone with any information please help!!

Number: 855-237-4128


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