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LJ - 06-28-2012

COMPLETE SCAM!!!!! They buy info on old debt and try to strong arm you into paying it. They threaten to come to your job or home to serve legal papers. Mine was a 7 year old debt (no longer actionable) from FASTBucks in Portland OR which I paid 4 years ago and kept all my payment records. I told them that even if I had not paid the debt they had no legal resource because it was past the statue of limitations. They got more aggressive and I told them any legitimate collection agency MUST send you confirmation of the debt by mail and to PLEASE come over and serve papers on me.

I also called my local district court and asked if there was a suit filed against me. NOPE!!!!

I called FASTBUCKS corporate office. They are NOT using these people and are going to go sick their legal department on USC.

Two things:
1. Get online and report these people to your Attorney General's office...very quick and easy online.
2. If you pay any old debt...KEEP ALL RECORDS FOREVER.

Don't let these bottom feeding scumbags intimidate you!

Caller type: Scammer
Company: USC
Number: 855-254-5947


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