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Helpleadingedgerecoverycom - 07-18-2013

Dear Consumers,

This phone number belongs to Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, a licensed collection agency located in Chicago, Illinois. If you are the recipient of unwanted phone calls or collection activity, please send an e-mail with your questions or concerns to In most cases, unwanted phone calls can be stopped within 24 hours.

Requests to cease calls are most effectively processed when the subject line of the e-mail contains a simple note (e.g. “Stop Calling” or “Unwanted Calls”) along with the phone number at which the calls have been received.

Otherwise, you can report unwanted calls or any other issues directly to Company Management at


Leading Edge Recovery Solutions

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Leading Edge Recovery Solutions
Company: Leading Edge Recovery Solutions
Number: 855-261-2561


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