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joe - 04-16-2014

Called my parents house half-a-dozen times looking for a friend of mine. Woman left three messages saying she was Theresa Schaal calling on behalf of Steinberg and Associates Litigation Firm. Said there was a fraud investigation. They weren't very professional sounding messages and the woman said the exact same thing at the end of each: "Please govern yourself accordingly," which sounds like something a scam artist might've heard on TV somewhere and thought sounded impressive. I don't know what to make of it. The number she said to call is (855) 266-4423.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Theresa Schaal
Company: Steinberg and Associates
Number: 855-266-4423


tired of these scammers - 03-14-2014

A guy called and left a message, trying to sound all proper, but he sounded like he was from the hood. His name supposed to be Gregory Beck, I think. It was hard to understand him. Calling everybody, meaning with the same last name and claiming that this person's SSN# was used illegally. And they're trying to contact her so, there won't be any other illegal activity to her SSN#. Did not leave the name of the company who he was working for or calling from. But, he left two numbers to call back. First one is 214-473-4286 and the other number is 855-266-4423 and a name of an attorney, Stein Brigg or Steinberg. It was hard to understand this guy. Slurred word together, and sounded like he was from the ghetto.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 855-266-4423


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