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Gina - 09-09-2014

This is a debt collector posing as process servers. I spoke with someone posing as a mark Thompson with a company called TRS Associate. Their correct name is Asset Reliance Group. This person told my employees that he is coming to my job to serve me legal papers and I should contact them immediately. When I called, I asked them if I accumulated this debt you must have my home address. He then lied and said he notified myself by mail 45 days prior and you didn't respond. When I asked himself what date was on these papers sent to my address, He couldn't reply with a date. Theses people resort to unlawful tactics to attain any information they can. They are unethical in practices. Call your lawyer if they contact you. They are scammers. Their address is 3380 Lasierra Ave, suite 104-590, riverside Ca 92503.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: mark thompson
Company: TRS associateAsset reliance Group
Number: 855-270-4673


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