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Andrews - 11-14-2014

Another junk fax promoting their ``black friday'' travel scam. Call 855-275-7022 to give them your money, or 888-266-0916 to confirm your fax number in order to receive more opportunities.

Odd, is it not, that a travel company would have
* no company name
* no company address
* no company phone
* no company fax
* no company e-mail
* no company web site

Well, it is your money. If you want to send it to them, then you can decide how unusual you find the facts. If you are just going to be stingy and refuse to send them any money, well, maybe you are not the type of person for whom these offers were intended!

Caller type: Fax Machine
Caller: junk faxer with no name given
Company: junk faxer with no company given
Number: 855-275-7022


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