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BravoBabe - 10-16-2015

I keep getting calls from this "collection" agency as well as a few others that I believe are all the same, but they keep changing their name(s) and numbers. They are all looking for Charles Young. I have told them over and over again that I have lived at the address for over 20+ years and my number has been the same. I asked them numerous times to remove me from their "list", but yet they are still calling. I have also reported them to the Do Not Call Registry as this is such a scam. Be ware people. I found some guy named Charles Young by doing a google search. A real collection company would hire a private detective to find the real people. This is a scam!
Caller: Delta Management_Kathryn Carp
Call Type: Debt Collector

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Kathryn Carp
Company: Delta Management Associates
Number: 855-282-5983


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