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Mikel - 06-23-2012

This number just recently started calling my house phone and has been for the last 3wks. I'll come home from work and it will be on the Caller ID 3-5 times throughout the day and they never leave a voicemail UNTIL recently.

Guess they finally got their nerve up to attempt a voicemail message after 3wks. It was a guy talking with a strong foreign accent. From what I could understand him saying, he said "I'm calling in regards of formal complaint being processed and you need to contact our legal department ASAP" He also said something about a bank account or something. But I couldn't make it out what he was saying because of his accent. ((**FYI: I don't owe any debts that have been turned over to a collection agency nor do I have a bank account**))

As you would probably assume. I called the damn number and was redirected by some kind of automated system and what seemed like forever on hold, I hung up. Seriously after what might have been 5mins after hanging up the phone. My phone started ringing and it was them, I answered and all I could here was a couple of ladies carrying on a conversation and laughing and I kept saying hello HELLO!?

All the sudden it got quiet and I heard nothing else, I hung up the phone and it literally called back. By this time I was starting to get impatient and pissed. This time it was nothing but breathing on their end. I hung up and they called back, this time I unplugged the phone from the wall jack.

Anyways that was last week when this all happened. They are still calling on a daily basis and back to NOT leaving any voice mails. It's ridiculous that we have peeps out there in this world trying anything and everything to scam Honest/Hard Working people. They need to get with reality and realize the world don't owe you a damn thing. You have to get out and find a honest job that has a honest pay!!!! I know I've went on and on, but I had to vent! LOL

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 855-289-8181


Very upset - 06-19-2012

Called my job at least 15 times today.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Victoria Greene
Number: 855-289-8181


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