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LRaye - 02-22-2013

For the second time in a couple of years we receieved multiple messages for both my husband and I for my husbands nephew. They said it was imperative that we contacted them immediately about this "offense" and gave the case number and everything. There were 2 messages (this is not the first time they have called, they have tried calling a year or two ago as well and I told them we knew nothing about it or even where he was) stating that we needed to contact this guy "Mr. Alexander". So I called him back and said to stop the harrassing calls about "George" and he said that we were listed as point of contact for him and that they were not harrassing us and had every right to call us and that they would serve "due dilligence" on us and if we had an issue we needed to take it up with "George". I proceeded to tell him (as he is arguing with me) that he can stop calling and I hung up on him. I called the nephew and he said that he never listed us on anything but that he would call this guy. When he called them (it is a creditor that he owes) they said that they just found/got our number because it was the "same last name" and called us. What can I do? Can I sue for them harrassing and lying? These guys are dirty snakes~!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Mr Alexander
Company: 855-304-9986 would not say just said Creditors
Number: 855-304-9986


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