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AKRose - 08-10-2013

This number keeps calling me and leaves no messages. I believe it is a collection agency and probably the one that keeps calling with the following numbers: 134165; 134168; 134992; 134164 & 137935; 134142; 134763 AND 137903 This is all of the number that shows up on the ID. I did answer some of these, it was a collection agency, they wanted me to give them my credit card or debit card number and said they wouldn't run it until the day I told them to. I told them I had told them the day to call back and I would take care of that particular bill then and she said there was no way to document that and they would still be calling. HOW ABOUT 5-6 times each day and on weekends, too?!? They give no personal or company name, nor do they leave messages if I ignore them or a voice mail with a call back number, NOTHING! So far the four operators I spoke with were all arrogant and rude and tried to make me feel inferior.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Left no company name or return number
Number: 855-307-3155


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