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m - 12-05-2014

This number appears in malware popups as an Apple support #. The people responding at this number answer as "Apple support, how can we help you?" My friend mentioned the issues she was experiencing and they told her to call Althim Technologies who ended up charging her $449.98 for "fixing" her computer. It's a scam!! It looks like Althim offer legitimate services and have no connection to the Apple support #855-326-4813. Hmmm? $449.98 to "cleanup" the Mac with a lifetime warranty?? And who would setup a 855 # and refer business to someone with no business relationship?? I called the 855 # questioned them if it was an Apple company service, they said they were "Apple certified support". They said they could help me with the issues on my Mac... how did he know I had popup message issues on my Mac? I had no say anything about popup messages, i just questioned if they were Apple, part of the Apple company. When I asked them how they knew I had problems, they claimed that my Mac connected to the "Apple server" and reported the problems, and that's why I received the popup message with their support #. When I continued asking questions, and clarifications about what Apple server, they hung up.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 855-326-4813


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