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Faviola - 08-26-2013

I got a call today, where they said that I had a lawsuit pending and if I wanted to settle out of court, I needed to pay $3000. The company name they provided was a previous company I had obtain a loan with in the past, and I had paid them off, so I knew I didn't owe them any money. They asked me to confirm my information for verification, but like I told them "I don't disclose any information to any company, unless I contact the company" and they said that's fine, let me confirm, and they said your Social is, your bank account is, your address is, basically they had everything even my Drivers License! I've made reports with all local authorities, I've closed all accounts, I've signed up with Identity Theft protection, as well as other things to protect myself, my family and my identity! So people PLEASE BE CAREFUL, they are scamming people!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Posing as Everest Loans
Number: 855-339-0381


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