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Phoenix - 12-03-2013

Called here using a PRIVATE CALLER ID #, which is illegal; said she was a "locator" for a law firm, offered to give me the # when I questioned her; she said I was to be 'served with a summons', which is nonsense; when I demanded more details, she replied "My files are sealed, I am only ordered to locate you, I don't know what for". This too is sheer cow manure; ANY real constable or sheriff knows EXACTLY what the summons they're serving is for. I asked her to specify what she was talking about, she refused. I did a little research, on the phone # of the alleged "law firm" she gave me (855-339-0747); they've been like 3 different names over recent years and keep changing their ph number. That's how these illicit collection agencies get over; they keep changing their numbers because too many complaints on the same number brings the FTC/FCC heat down. They also CALLED MY DAUGHTER and left a very threatening message on her phone, too; she called me in a panic, very upset. I assured her there was nothing to worry about. Operations like these are short-lived; ignore their calls and report the number; sooner or later tyne law will catch up to them.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Cassandra Taylor
Company: ProManagement Corp
Number: 855-339-0747


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