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Texas01 - 09-02-2014

He stated in a voicemail that he was a process server and that he had stopped by my home last week but I wasn't available for signature. So he would be stopping by my place of employment today between 1-3pm. Please have my supervisor or manager present so they can witness my signature. He always states it was my last chance & that I need to call 855-339-9694. Whatever! Just bring the paperwork so I can sign it.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Gavin McClain
Number: 855-339-9694


Mad at scammers - 07-31-2014

He called himeself, Mr. Mallory. He gave me a hard time about owing some debt back from 2010 and told me that I would be sued for $600.00 plus legal fees. Threatend me and did not tell me phone call was being recorded until mid call as I was yelling and telling this guy off. Some "courier" called me before all this telling me he was coming to my house to frop off an affadvait in 1 hour and was I going to be going to court if I didn't call these people at Mediation Management Group. Very unsettling, but smacks of scam to me.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: David Mallory
Company: Mediation Management Group
Number: 855-339-9694


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